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We are shooting sports, military and history enthusiasts. We shape in ourselves feeling of patriotic responsibility based on Christian values. We make sure that each could feel a duty to his Homeland - Poland, which is a set of common values and experiences of people living before us, now and in the future. So we could leave our children with strong, modern, respecting it's own history Poland which has guaranteed safe and due place in Europe.

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Let’s build a shooting range!

It can not be hermetically closed place for a small group of gun owners. It cannot be just a making money business. Shooting ranges and shooter communities in current uncertain times must take on their own shoulders a big burden of responsibilities related not only to the promotion of shooting but above all shaping defence attitudes. Shooting ranges and shooters should have a mission!

Bialystok is nearly three hundred thousand citizen city located in the center of Europe. Continent, where until recently (as we were told), any armed revision of borders or real threat of aggression from the neighbor was unthinkable. Unfortunately, watching Ukraine events brings us to conclusion, that we cannot escape from geopolitical context of our cities location.

Before answering the question, "Why Bialystok needs shooting range?", let us define by which we mean shooting range. Our main goal is creating technical base, which is open and friendly to all citizens of Bialystok and the surrounding area.

Planned shooting infrastructure in the assumption has to be a solid foundation for supporting local shooting, paramilitary and scout iniciatives. By creating a training base, we will support any activity which aims to improve the defense of our region, even by recreating the Territorial Defence.

Now, shooting range should be a place accessible to everyone. From employees of uniformed services to the usual "Smith". As a non-governmental organization which aims to, inter alia, support defence attitudes, we consciously give up only the commercial nature of business. We wish that building the shooting range was a social iniciative. As shown by recent studies, the Poles, if necessary, want to defend their Homeland, but unfortunately they not always know how. Gaps in Poles basic weapon handling training are not possible to fulfill by any law or regulation. We need to take care of it ourselves!

Guns in Europe

Guns policy in Poland has led to the fact that we are almost the most disarmed country in Europe (3rd from the end)! The figures below represent the number of weapons per 100 citizens in each country.
0 Poland

Why Bialystok needs a shooting range?

  • Poles as a nation with great weapons tradition were for centuries (through the invaders and occupiers) brought down to the role of slaves. Yet, a slave is deprived of weapons in the first place. We want to remind Poles their great heritage of the ownership and responsible use of weapons. There are just a few nations in modern Europe, which, like the Poles, have a great and proud tradition of weapons. As history shows, we often managed to make use of it not only for our own needs but also to provide the necessary assistance for those who needed it.
  • National security is not just an army and other uniformed services. It is above all conscious citizens who, if necessary, are able to defend the homeland, family or neighbor. Shooting range in Bialystok will be a place conducive to the development of shooting skills of each individual. However, we will put the greatest emphasis on cooperation with paramilitary organizations and scouts, whose members for patriotic reasons, devote their own time and money to organize themselves and to support the defense of our country. We are aware of the fact that such organizations often face barriers that prevent them from improving their skills. In possibly the biggest way we want to break down these barriers.
  • The average police officer in Poland is entitled to shoot 20 cartridges in the annual training. For comparison, the statistical sports shooter throughout the year fires even several thousand rounds of ammunition! We are convinced that the police and other uniformed services employees, knowing the gravity of their duties, would like to train on their own outside the workplace. They often are not able to do that because of financial constraints and lack of suitable places for training. We would like to help them. Shooting range, carried out by our foundation will raise funds from sponsors and public institutions. These money will be dedicated to endow this type of training, which in turn will reduce training costs to a minimum.
  • Sport shooting is a fantastic way to spend free time for whole family! By creating a modern infrastructure and shooting-friendly environment, we will help you, your family and friends spend your free time in memorable way. Most importantly - we will crush myth of shooting as a sport for "rich" and "powerful". With our knowledge, experience and support, service will be delivered to every law-abiding citizen. And all that for less than going to the cinema!
  • Bialystok is lacking in shooters community. We want to change that! In our community there are hundreds of shooters, who jointly develop their passion and will willingly help you in taking your first steps in shooting sports. We organize many competitions (shooting range "Forty" in Piątnica), during which we can compete with each other. In addition, we arrange a lot of film screenings and thematic meetings with historians, journalists, film directors, during which we talk about Polish history, politics, geopolitics, culture, archers and military. Join us!


  • Latin adage

    Si vis pacem, para bellum – if you want peace, prepare for war

    Latin adage

  • Prof. R. Jakubczak

    …it’s not defensive capability that costs, but for defencelessness one pays the highest price…

    Prof. R. Jakubczak

  • Pericles

    I am more afraid of our own mistakes than of our enemies


  • A. Mickiewicz, Pan Tadeusz: Book IX

    Brother Poles”, said he, “Shame, I did not have even one cannon with me! ‘Mark this well, comrade Rykov’, Suvarov said once, Against Poles you must never proceed without guns!

    A. Mickiewicz, Pan Tadeusz: Book IX

  • Robert A. Heinlein

    There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men.

    Robert A. Heinlein


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