We are shooting sports, military and history enthusiasts.

We shape in ourselves feeling of patriotic responsibility based on Christian values. We make sure that each could feel a duty to his Homeland – Poland, which is a set of common values and experiences of people living before us, now and in the future. So we could leave our children  with strong, modern, respecting it’s own history Poland which has guaranteed safe and due place in Europe.

Our main goal is building a shooting range, which will be open and friendly to each Bialystok citizen.

Planned shooting range in the assumption has to be a solid foundation for supporting local shooting, paramilitary and scout iniciatives. By creating a training base, we will support any activity which aims to improve the defense of our region, even by recreating the Territorial Defence.


With our activity we also wish to promote shooting sports. Furthermore, we will bring back Poland’s great weapon traditions, which unfortunately were stubbornly suppressed by historical invaders of our Homeland.

Shooting sports are also excellent form of entertainment for whole families. At a shooting range you will always be able to get professional help from qualified instructors and have a great time with a gun in Your hand.